Penis Size and Race

We can determine average penis size by examining data from the World Health Organization, which bases condom size specifications on consumer preferences, which in turn are predicated on penis length and penis circumference.

Citing three case studies, it is found that there IS significant penis size variation within population groupings. Men of African descent on average have slightly longer penises as well as penises that are wider in circumference than other populations. Caucasian men in general have medium sized penises and Asian men slightly smaller penises.

A 1998 condom study conducted by the World Health Organization using formerly published data from the Kinsey Institute as well as other sources, (Bangkok Medical University's 1979 study on Thai men) showed that amongst the groups studied, black American men had longer erect penises than the men in the other groups - in this case white American men, Australian men and Thai men. Additionally, there were also fewer black American men with shorter erect penis lengths than the other men, followed by American white men, Australian men, and Thai men having a higher percentage.

The BBC reported a study by the Indian Council of Medical Research, which found that sixty percent of Indian men have penises that are between three to five centimeters shorter than world standards for condom manufacture. Data collected prior to 2001 showed that sixty percent of men studied measured 126 to 156 mm (5 to 6.1 inches) in length and thirty percent of the participants between 100 and 125 mm (4 to 5 inches).

We note that these various data show that the international size specifications for standard condom manufacture, are for a condom length of 150 to 180 mm (6 to 7 inches). When all races are grouped together, this 'standard size' is significantly longer than the average human penis.

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