Using condoms expire

The use of condoms. There are several precautions. Some men use condoms were not interested in these matters, because that is. The expiration date is a place to store condoms. The little envelope to tear the condom will lead to bigger problems in the future if the condoms are not careful. When purchased or given to check the expiration date and manufacturing standards. Using condoms that have expired may be at risk of pregnancy or disease problems. Sexual relations. Envelope to tear the condom should not use sharp objects such as knives, scissors, teeth or nails may miss the lack of a condom. The condom package designed to be easy to rip it. Did you see the edge of the envelope that condoms are easy to tear off the perforation is not required. It's sharp. Keeping condoms. Keep in a cool place. Do not keep it in place with such high temperatures is strictly prohibited. Store condoms in a console, a car parked all day sun. Heat from the sun will cause condoms to deteriorate. Men do not keep condoms in your wallet and purse. Cent on the back pocket. So, I think condoms are being pressed by the weight may cause the condom had broken. Condom use at once abandoned. Should not be reused repeatedly. If you need to use condoms and lubricants. The use of lubricants with water as an ingredient, such as gels, lubricants, etc., should be lubricated with oil as an ingredient, such as Vaseline lotion, massage oil, skin, because the chemical is a lubricant to condoms worsen it. Best way to use lubricants with condoms, read the instructions on the use of chemicals. Understand lubricants used with condoms. While this is a trivial matter. It is not to be overlooked because, if we neglect This is to overlook the lack of caution in the use of condoms. Is no different to having sex without a condom. The problem is caused by the. Problem pregnancy. Sexually transmitted diseases are caused by careless use of condoms. So take a little life to be happy with it.


Choose Natural Penis Pills for Penis Enlargement

If you are one of the many men who are unsatisfied with the size of your penis, you may be constantly searching for ways to achieve a bigger penis. Many men believe that a bigger penis will give them more confidence and improve their sexual performance. Some men, who believe that their penis is smaller than average, feel very anxious about whether or not they will be able to satisfy their partner in bed. The curiosity about penis size starts from a very young age and continues throughout a man's adult life. Men who anxious or embarrassed about their size can sometimes suffer from psychological issues and many can encounter problems in their relationships. The significance of size According to several studies, the average size of the penis is known to be 5-6 inches in length and 4-5 inches in girth, when erect. A study conducted by Durex condoms stated that about 67% of women are unhappy with the size of their partner's tool. For some women, this size of their partner's penis is not a big deal. Some women may say this in order to avoid hurting their partner's ego and embarrassing him. However, many women prefer a larger penis as it provides more intense sexual pleasure. They feel that men with smaller packages will not be able to satisfy them in the bedroom. This notion gives men with small penises ample reason to opt for penis enlargement. Why natural penis pills are a popular choice For most men, safety and effectiveness are the prime factors that influence their decision of which method of penis enlargement to choose. They don't want to use pills and lotions with artificial chemicals in order to give their sexual health a boost. Many men also choose to avoid penis pumps and penis enlargement extenders because they are worried about encountering pain or side effects. These methods of enlargement are also avoided by men who are concerned with keeping their penis enlargement a secret. Vacuum pumps work by drawing more blood towards the genitals in order to stretch the chambers of the penis. Extenders are designed to cause enlargement by cell multiplication. Although there are many pumps and extenders that are able to provide good results, the fact that they are far less discreet, convenient and safe than penis enlargement pills will explain why supplements are still the first choice for hundreds of thousands of men. For many years, natural methods of male enhancement have been chosen because of the safety of these methods. A range of herbal extracts and natural ingredients are known to improve sex drive, libido, sexual stimulation and orgasm. Penis enlargement pills are combination of naturally extracted ingredients and herbs that are famous for their sexual enhancing properties. Some of these ingredients include Hawthorne berry, Gingko Bilbao leaf, Asian Ginseng, and Catuaba Bark extract. These ingredients work by increasing blood circulation towards the penis. This boost in blood flow lengthens the chambers in the penis to increase its size. Moreover, these penile pills do not cause any major side effects due to their natural ingredients content. How to choose the best penis pills Today, the market is flooded with numerous penis pills that promise safe, quick and effective enlargement. Unfortunately, however, many of these penis enlargement products turn out to be fake or even dangerous. To avoid falling prey to such scams, it is advisable to go for natural products that ensure safety and effectiveness. You should buy penis pills online from genuine websites that provide all the information about its ingredients, usage information and probable side effects. User reviews provided by certain legitimate websites give you a clear picture of the product. Fraser Stucker writes articles on various sexual health related topics.which can be treated effectively with prescription medications For penis enlargement pills ensure easy and effective penis enlargement. Better satisfaction for the Woman. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Fraser_Stucker

9 Techniques to Stop Premature Ejaculation

Sex is not the most important thing in a relationship. Yes, I agree with this statement, but it is still important as a part of a relationship. Many relationships are broken because of the sex factor. So, having a healthy sex life in a relationship is very important as one factor to maintain the relationship. When the bedroom activity is fading, it is a sign that your relationship may be fading too. If this thing happens, it is very important to discuss the problem with your partner. Many people are still shy to talk about this problem, which can lead to a failed relationship. Even in several Asian countries talking about sex is a taboo. In this short article, I will write about the most common sexual problem for men and some tips to solve this problem. Hopefully this can solve your problem. Satisfying female partner in a sexual intercourse is considered man's responsibility. If a man failed to do this task, he can lose his self-confidence and feel embarrassed. This problem called premature ejaculation. It is a common problem for men. If you have this problem, you don't have to feel embarrassed. There are some solutions to solve this problem. Premature ejaculation is a condition in which a man ejaculates before his partner achieves orgasm. This is a common sexual dysfunction that happens in men under 40 years old. Premature ejaculation is also called as premature climax and rapid ejaculation. This sexual dysfunction can be caused by several factors. It can be biological reason like urinary tract infections. Psychological factors such as anxiety or stress can also cause premature ejaculation. This sexual dysfunction can be cured with the right techniques. If you would like to know how to stop premature ejaculation, here are 9 techniques that you can apply: 1. You can use the stop and start technique. When you feel that you want to ejaculate, try to terminate the stimulation. Some men even remove their penis from the vagina to terminate the stimulus. Then, you can start over when the feeling of ejaculation completely dies. If you want to do this technique successfully, try to communicate with your partner well. 2. Relax your body is a good way to delay the ejaculation. You can take a deep breath during the intercourse to control the feeling of ejaculation. To help you relax your mind, you can take a glass of wine before having sex. 3. Use the squeeze technique. You can ask your partner to press the penile shaft lightly to stop sexual stimulation. When you feel that the feeling to ejaculate passes, stop squeezing. 4. You can wear condom to reduce the sensation. Condom can reduce your sensitivity and you can have longer sex. 5. Try different positions during the sexual intercourse. Female on top position can help men delay the ejaculation. 6. Cream can help you reduce the feeling of ejaculation. However, don't use it too much since your partner will feel the same effects. 7. Try to communicate about this problem with your partner. You can discuss the problem that you are facing and finally find the best solutions together. 8. It is recommended that you eat fruits twice a day. Fruit diet can help you prevent premature ejaculation. 9. You can masturbate to know how to control your ejaculation. By masturbating, you will know your level of arousal. Those are some techniques that you can apply to overcome your premature ejaculation. The techniques are simple and you don't need to buy the expensive things to practice them. Stop this sexual dysfunction today and enjoy a happier sexual life with your partner. More info about premature ejaculation and premature ejaculation cure. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Andry_Shidharta_Gautama


Dating and Advice For Those With STDs

It is often hard to find dating and advice information for people who have contracted an STD. This leads many STD sufferers to believe that sex and dating is simply over for them. This is not true at all! You certainly can date others when you have an STD, you just need to take some extra precautions. Read below for some dating and advice information about dating with STDs.

When you have an STD, it is important that you let any potential sexual partners know about it before your relationship gets to the bedroom. Let the other person decide whether or not they would still like to proceed with a sexual relationship with you. Allowing things to become sexual without informing your partner is irresponsible and could lead to further spreading of the disease you have.

When you do have sexual contact with someone, make sure that you are always using the necessary protection to avoid transmission of your STD. This includes wearing a condom, using a dental dam, and taking every possible precaution to avoid spreading the disease.

If possible, try to find online dating sites that have been created specifically for people with STDs. If you find someone that you really like who shares your disease, there is not as much of a worry for transmission of it through sexual contact. However, it is still necessary to use protection because different strains of the same disease can affect the opposite partner in certain cases.

Dating and advice for people who suffer from STDs can be hard to find, but there is a lot of information out there on the Internet for anybody willing to look. It is important to remain responsible and to take special care and necessary precautions before sexual contact so that you do not spread the infection or disease onto others.

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Birth Control

Did you know that Asians are more less conscious about birth control methods? In China alone, 3 new babies are born each minute and the case is similar to south east Asian region. Birth control is very important in the family and to the country's economic growth. Most governments are striving to implement a better birth control policies for their citizens, to ensure the future of the whole country. For you, what can you contribute on family planning?

Contraception is a term used worldwide to prevent pregnancy, similar definition for birth control. There are various types of contraception, some of which are designed for women and other for men. Some types are for permanent control and others are mostly reversible.

There are six major birth control methods. These are:

1. Sterilization (surgery)
2. Withdrawal
3. Natural family planning and
4. Abstinence
5. Barrier methods (devices)
6. Hormonal methods

Let me discuss each types for you to determine which type is the best for you and your partner. It is also important that most of these birth control methods will help you to prevent pregnancy but these are not designed to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Sterilization for male is called vasectomy. It involves surgery to close the tubes that carries the sperm preventing any entry to the vagina. In female, sterilization procedure is called tubal ligation. It is a surgical procedure which is designed to close the fallopian tubes which carries the eggs from the ovaries to the uterus, does preventing pregnancy.

Withdrawal birth control is the most used method worldwide after condom. This involves the removal of the erect penis from the vagina before ejaculation occurs. This will prevent any unwanted pregnancy but this method also has 43% chance of failure.

Natural Family Planning
Fertility awareness is the other term for Natural Family Planning birth control method. NFP does not involves any medication or devices to prevent pregnancies. It mainly uses the natural functions of the body such as the menstrual cycle to calculate ovulation and body temperature. To successfully apply this method, NFP prohibits any sexual activities in a specific period of time.

Abstinence is simply defined as refusal or refraining from any sexual activities. This method is 100% guaranteed effective in both preventing pregnancy and the transmission of different sexual diseases.

Barrier Methods
Barrier types of birth controls involves devices to prevent the sperm from entering the woman's uterus. Below are its types.

1. Male Condom. A condom is a latex rubber that is used to rolled over a penis before any sexual intercourse. This device will contain the sperm from entering the female's uterus. Failure rate is 16%.
2. Female Condom. Female condom is a 7 inch long pouch of polyurethane with two rings and is place into the vagina before sexual intercourse. It totally covers the matrix, vaginal canal and the area around the vagina.
3. Spermicides. These devices are designed to kill the sperm and usually in the form of foam, jelly and foaming tablets and vaginal suppositories.
4. Diaphragm. This device is a soft rubber dome which is stretched over a flexible ring. The dome contains a spermicidal cream or jelly which are inserted inside the vagina 's cervix for a specific time before sexual intercourse.
5. Cervical Cap. This device is a small cup of later rubber or plastic which is also filled with spermicidal cream or jelly. This plastic rubber is then inserted inside the vagina's cervix.
6. Contraceptive Sponge. It is a soft saucer-shaped device.

Hormonal Methods

Hormonal birth control methods involves medication drugs such as pills, patch, shot, ring or implants. It prevents the woman's ovaries from releasing an egg in its monthly cycle. This process will thicken the cervical mucus making it difficult for the sperm to reach and penetrate the egg. This method does not give any protection against any transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

Types of Hormonal methods:

- Pills
- Depo-Provera
- Vaginal Ring
- Lunelle
- Intra-Uterine Device
- Birth Control Patch

There you go. These methods are proven effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies but definitely not 100% accurate. It also does not prevent sexual diseases from invading your body. It is advisable that you consult your doctor on which type of birth control methods is the best for you and your partner.

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