How the Right Condom Can Make You Better in Bed

More people today are using condoms than ever before. Some of them think "a condom is a condom" and leave it at that. Unfortunately for them, their sex life suffers as a result.

What Women Want

What many men do not stop to think about is how the condom feels to their partner. Their loss can be your gain. Magazines like Cosmo and Women's Health do surveys of their readers to find out which condoms feel the best.

It's not the "gimmicky" condoms that win out. Most women do not like the "ribbed for her pleasure" or studded condoms that are meant to make up for something that presumably their man is missing. What most women like requires a journey into the mind of a woman.

Every respected sex guide and therapist on the planet has one common message on how to pleasure a woman. They may differ on technique and position, but there is one consistent theme with all of them. Sexual pleasure for a woman is as much mental as it is physical.

For a woman to have an orgasm, and consequently, think her man is a great lover, she has to feel close and intimate with him. Without that, nothing else matters.

You can take any sex position or technique and it will be worthless if you cannot create closeness and intimacy with your partner. When you are using a condom, that piece of latex you are putting on creates a barrier to intimacy. It puts something between you and your partner. When you choose the wrong one, that barrier is thick and pleasure-less

You may have great technique, but she may secretly think of you as a bad lover because the wrong condom creates this lack of intimacy.

How Can Condoms Help?

The condoms that women consistently rank the highest are those that are the thinnest, form-fitted and allow for the most pleasure, sensation, and body heat to pass through. Unfortunately, your local drug store box of condoms isn't going to do this for you.

The average condom makes you feel "plasticky" and plain to her. She wants to feel your ridges and curves and heat. That's closeness. That's intimacy. That's what gets her hot.

Which Condoms Are Rated Highest By Women For Pleasure And Intimacy?

Without a guide, you might be lost in the sea of condom varieties, marketing gimmicks and scientific jargon.

Check out these reviews of the best condoms to see which one is rated the best by women.

Choosing the right condom will create more closeness and intimacy. With just this one simple step of choosing the right condom, you can instantly become a better lover.

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