Using condoms expire

The use of condoms. There are several precautions. Some men use condoms were not interested in these matters, because that is. The expiration date is a place to store condoms. The little envelope to tear the condom will lead to bigger problems in the future if the condoms are not careful. When purchased or given to check the expiration date and manufacturing standards. Using condoms that have expired may be at risk of pregnancy or disease problems. Sexual relations. Envelope to tear the condom should not use sharp objects such as knives, scissors, teeth or nails may miss the lack of a condom. The condom package designed to be easy to rip it. Did you see the edge of the envelope that condoms are easy to tear off the perforation is not required. It's sharp. Keeping condoms. Keep in a cool place. Do not keep it in place with such high temperatures is strictly prohibited. Store condoms in a console, a car parked all day sun. Heat from the sun will cause condoms to deteriorate. Men do not keep condoms in your wallet and purse. Cent on the back pocket. So, I think condoms are being pressed by the weight may cause the condom had broken. Condom use at once abandoned. Should not be reused repeatedly. If you need to use condoms and lubricants. The use of lubricants with water as an ingredient, such as gels, lubricants, etc., should be lubricated with oil as an ingredient, such as Vaseline lotion, massage oil, skin, because the chemical is a lubricant to condoms worsen it. Best way to use lubricants with condoms, read the instructions on the use of chemicals. Understand lubricants used with condoms. While this is a trivial matter. It is not to be overlooked because, if we neglect This is to overlook the lack of caution in the use of condoms. Is no different to having sex without a condom. The problem is caused by the. Problem pregnancy. Sexually transmitted diseases are caused by careless use of condoms. So take a little life to be happy with it.